About Lisa

The horses of the world need you! They need the EQUINEXTION philosophies in their lives!!

My name is Lisa Huhn, several years before entering the age of the internet, I began using the name Equinextion as a pen name. It was an ‘idea’ of sorts, a philosophy on trimming, feeding, handling, managing, training and selling performance horses that was so opposite of what I saw in my early horse life, and later learned in ‘stable management’ and ‘equine science’ classes in college. It did not sit right with me… Shoes and stalls and forceful training and dominance.

I started, slowly, speaking out publicly about the state of the horse industry and husbandry in 1995. At this time there was much debate, hostility, anger and denial being shown to anyone who dared to speak of ‘barefoot performance’ or complete recovery from founder and navicular. It was practically unheard of by the masses. I spoke it.

YES!! I said, you really can have a barefoot performance horse. Not only can you but he will be BETTER than WILD, and much much Stronger than Stabled, more calm and willing than you can even imagine and you will save money, time, injuries, and fear will no longer rule you. I will show you the EQ philosophies and you too can have a Super Horse! Navicular and Laminitis can be cured!! ??


The vast majority of people shied away or opposed this vehemently. I was called many names and got many more negative responses than anyone ever interested in what I was saying. Those that spoke to me did so privately asking for help. What I was saying rang with resonance with them and they didn’t know where else to turn. I seemed to be their last hope to save their horse. Most had no more money left because the vets and farriers spent that all chasing this ‘mystery lameness’. It didn’t matter to me. I wanted to help…

I spent the last decade showing those who wanted to learn about what I do and to show them what I was seeing. For years before, I felt alone until these people came along and they DID SEE > and they DO see every day > and to this day! EQ Friends and Practitioners! Thank you!!

I hear EQ practitioner stories with the same experiences happening to them, the same frustrations and confrontations by the main stream world, that happened to me over a decade ago. They also speak of miraculous recoveries from lameness and disease through the EQ protocols. Many of them have their own amazing recovery stories of their own horses. This amazing system is not yet exposed. This makes us want to speak up, even louder. I SEE the pictures of their cases and have several of my own that are sterotypical to share with them. We have compiled MUCH information over this past decade that would rival the ‘lameness experts’ out there.

Some of us who take this philosophy of ‘Equinextion’ or ‘EQ Trimming’ to heart are non confrontational persons with a somewhat introverted personality. Some of us speak loudly and it doesn’t matter who hears us or what they think.

What we all are is humbled by the power of nature in our hands, the miraculous and awe inspiring changes that happen right in front of our eyes, when we supply the horse the medium (which includes EQ Trimming) in which to transform. We are all disheartened and deeply saddened when our hands are tied and we have to stand down and watch how some horses are ‘treated’, knowing with all our hearts that YES we could do BETTER for them! We are studious of our findings and will remain a student of our inspiration, the horse.

We are all hoping that humanity will soon be able to Make the Connection!!

Equinextion continues to serve the horse and welcome their owners to this powerful innate philosophy of horse keeping, training, riding, diet and of course, the trim treatments for thier feet. Together, we are challenging and changing the collective thought process on horses worldwide. It is time to be aware that horses are sentient beings, which Lisa refers to as “land dolphins”, and are the result of millions of years of evolution. We aim to show you, with great enthusiasm, there is a better way for horses in husbandry, training, trimming and handling, than what was once thought to be true.

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More about Lisa

Lisa always had a love of horses and was drawn to them very early in her life. She started riding when she was in Grade 3, sparking a quest to learn all she could about horses and riding with harmony and partnership. She went on to gain a wide variety of riding and training experience by working and training in many different disciplines…at top facilities across the country. (Jumper, Western Reining, Roping, Cutting…) Lisa also worked on the race track and working cow horses on the ranches of the west where she grew up, before settling on the classical art of Dressage.

Lisa’s post graduate schooling is extensive. 2 yrs pre vet, a 2 year animal science course and the 2 year Equine Science program at Olds College (1988-90). She continued her riding schooling by attending many clinics in a wide range of riding disciplines.

She went forward to coach and teach young riders, traveling to competitions in Dressage and Hunter/Jumper. Teaching and coaching became her unexpected passion. Lisa has taken many young students to National championships in Dressage. She organized and managed both a national and provincial show team for 5 years.

Lisa was always looking to continue her education of horses … to understand and learn reasons and treatments for lameness in horses. Lameness was her main interest while in school and still continues to study the anatomy and physiology of horses. For years she had her nose in the ‘best’ textbooks, talking and sometimes assisting with some of the best veterinarians, and farriers to discover more. There were still many unanswered questions for her. What were the common denominators for lame horses? Were there any? Why so much lameness??

Lisa’s focus on the conventional treatments changed when her own PSG horse (which she owned since he was 4 months old and did all his training)  was diagnosed with navicular at 9 years of age.  Today he is near 31 years old and still living with Lisa at the EQ Awakenings Centre in Priddis AB.  At that time,  she took a hiatus of showing and teaching to research alternative methods for treatment. At that time she heard of Dr. Strasser and Jaimie Jackson and studied their works on the wild horses as well. This set off a series of events for Lisa. She fired her farrier and became a bit reluctant to listen to what the vet had to say…at least about the foot and trimming of the foot of the horse.

Lisa says the most important part of her research was to take it out of the books and back to the horse. For many years she watched and studied a wide variety of horses in a free range environment, as well as comparing those kept in conventional ways in stables and stalls. She studied their feet as well as health and behavior. Lisa has always been an advocate for horses living a natural lifestyle and the barefoot trim method she developed, uses and teaches is an elemental compliment to the horse.

Lisa started  teaching others to trim their own horses in 1999. Equinextion.com free help forums were launched in Jan/02.

Equinextion gives clinics/seminars and private courses in Canada and the US  (and world wide) on trimming and maintaining the barefoot performance horse including rehabilitation of chronically lame horses. Lameness’ including navicular, founder, thrush, ‘mystery’ lameness…etc.

Equinextion now is offering trimming courses on site at the EQ Awakenings Centre in Alberta  to those interested in persuing a carreer in trimming or becoming the best trimmer for their own horses.

Lisa believes that any horse will benefit from some simple changes in their environment and from removing their feet from the binds of iron and nails…and making simple, easy and cost effective changes to their lifestyle and their present trim even if they do not wear shoes. 

We hope you can attend a seminar or clinic to learn more about this concept and Lisa’s philosophy.  If you are interested to host a clinic or seminar or have some private training from Lisa please inquire       Interested to Host clinic


Lisa says…  As far back as I can remember I have been drawn by the horse.  My first job….a long, long time ago…. was at a scenic trail riding facility near Moose Jaw Saskatchewan.  (All the horses were barefoot and living in a natural way).   I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be with horses every day,  to meet new people and talk horse every day… I wanted more……

At first I thought being a vet would be a good ‘career choice’. I took 2 years of pre-vet and Animal Health Technology but frankly, there just wasn’t enough horse.   In the ’80’s I heard of Olds College Equine Sciences program and I enrolled immediately.  The course was intense and full of useful and practical information….but… I was still left with a lot of unanswered questions.  Why are there so many lame horses?   Why are there so many encyclopedia type books on lameness and the only ‘fix’ is shoeing or surgery?   These questions and many more were always at the forefront of my mind as I continued my work in the horse industry as well as my quest to meet many more horses.

I was teaching and training at reputable stables across Canada.  I was competing and coaching young riders at national dressage competitions.   Lameness and injury were present wherever we went…..Why? ……..  

I received a blessing (in deep disguise) in moving to Bathurst, New Brunswick.  Due to my new remote location,  I had to take leave of the main stream horse industry.    Living there,  I  had reaffirmed and rediscovered that only by being “True to the Horse”, injury, lameness (and most behavioral) issues virtally dissappear.  I had come full circle.

The horse has an amazing capacity to heal itself  if given the medium to do so.  The horse is a dynamic being,  constantly adapting to his surroundings.   I believe that traditional horse management practices need to be completely rethought and redesigned to attend to the biological needs of the horse as well as the land they live on.   I believe you can have Local, Regional, National and International competitive show horses that are living a more natural lifestyle while remaining iron free.

Having said all that I would like to leave you with this quote:

“Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it.  Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many.  Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in books.  Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders.  Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations.  But after observation and analysis,  when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all,  then accept it and live up to it”   …….~Buddha