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… some of our Equinextion Articles from the past and present.


Equinextion has been published in numerous magazines and has self-published articles throughout the years. Due to changing websites after self building for over a decade, we are still populating this site with articles from the past when we can. ALL great stuff and still so relevant for today. Equinextion has been sharing information online since 1999


Intro to EQ

HOW to TAKE Foot Photos for evaluation and case studies

From the Foot UP Article on recognizing how foot form affects the rest of the horse by Equinextion

Thrush Article on crushing thrush forever! by Equinextion

Posture and Stance changes-1 Equinextion Report

HOOF Injuries EQOnline article on treating injuries of the foot.

MY Story by Anne Louise MacDonald EqMT

ROLEX REPORT EQ Awakenings Report

Le cheval lhiver by Nadine Robichaud EqMT

Le cheval naturel by Nadine Robichaud EqMT

Naissances hors saisons by Nadine Robichaud EqMT