Associate Trimmers

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EqAT’s: 2016

Associate Trimmers come in all shapes and sizes, ages and genders, from all over the world. No matter what the level of you current listed EqAT you can be assured that they all have one thing in common. They LOVE what they do and want nothing but the best for you and your horse. They are here to help and are always striving to improve their craft through a case study approach. Always a student of the horse and want to hear from you.

EqAT’s are understandably at different practice stages. Be assured that when you choose any EqAT, they will help you with your horses needs in trimming as well as offer you food for thought with any diet and lifestyle enhancements that may be needed to facilitate true healing and transformation of your horse. ALL EqAT’s have the support of ongoing EQ education and sharing from EqMT’s, if they chose to stay connected to Equinextion. If they do not choose to stay connected they are removed from this list after one year of inactivity.

All EqAT’s can help you learn something about your horses feet and give ideas for diet, lifestyle and maintenance.

Do you want to become an EqAT?? Many ways to do this…and it depends on the individual. You can attend courses from Equinextion or EqMT’s and then come to do final at the EQ Awakenings Centre… or become an intern and learn the craft through full on immersion. New in 2015 are the Weekenders Group. This is a progressive learning channel open to those wanting to expand their knowledge and practice but are on time constraints. Slowly and surely after several weekender courses… EqAT Student Practitioners emerge. We would love to welcome you to our team of amazing hoof care specialists. Many EqAT’s are active in riding, training and all aspects of good horsemanship.

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