Connection Agents

Helping you make the connection to the natural foot

Eq Connection agents are many people from different walks of life. There are those who have attended Fast Track or weekender clinics and are staying the path to become a fully certified EqAT. Others have been happily trimming their own horses for many years. Some are distance learners and have on their ‘to do’ list to visit Lisa in Canada. Thank fully with dedication to guided self study and the wonderful world of technologies like skype and webinar meetings most are able to work their own ‘EQ Miracles’ and help other horses and their people Make the Connection in the process. Working with a Connection Agent is always a positive experience. They are filled with light and love for the horse and know on a deep level how important the function, shape and trim of the foot really is.

All Eq Connection Agents have full EqAT/MT support.

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jen lantaigneMitzyTrudi jodie agentKacy Tams agentCasey Markowski Don Kallusky 2013