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Triminology Weekender Workshops/Dates

Next class

August 18-20, 2017

at EQ Centre Priddis AB

 Now booking off site for 2017 … ask about hosting

Triminology is not a ‘method’ per sae.   It is about learning to do precision trimming on the foot to take it to a further level of health and wellness,  after making informed decisions on the present condition of the foot, the diet, lifestyle, age, etc of the horse to trim.

EQ trim solutions inflated heelsWeekenders are open to anyone from absolute newbie beginners to intermediate/advanced trimmers, and horse owners.   We keep classes small and personal to assure everyone has optimal participation and direction.  Book early to secure your spot. AFTER completion of one weekender clinic you can join the secret facebook group for all Weekender participants.  

The weekender workshops are offered  for those wishing to further their understanding of the anatomy and natural physiology of the inner foot  (and the horse) in a way you can imagine and appreciate the integrate innate complexities.  It’s for those who want to learn what it takes to have and keep a sound for life barefoot horse, under their own expert care.    For those wanting to learn and increase their trimming skills in many different types of feet.  For anyone who needs some guidance or a refresher to keep themselves on track or get back on track.

You will leave with more ideas to implement in your horse keeping practices as well as trimming, as it all goes hand in hand.   hoofinjurue

How far can I go?  When do you know when to stop?  What to look for and consider before trimming?   We will discuss living conditions and all the aspects it really takes to get that coveted ‘super horse’!   We look at boots vs shoes and the differences between a horse who has no shoes to the performance barefoot horse!    Learn to assess and see what needs trimming…and equally important …what doesn’t!

How does this trim affect the horse?   Can the foot shape affect training, posturing, conditioning and conformation?  See and feel the difference the EQ trim approach makes to the inner foot and the horse as a whole.same foot

Just like learning to ride, it is important to keep yourself under periodic professional guidance, either in person and or online,  to grow and develop your trimming and these classes can do just that.  Help you to always advance and hone your precision trimming skills and elevate your horsemanship to new heights.




2017 … clinics held at EQ Awakenings in Priddis AB will also be posted on the EQ Awakenings Site    $500/weekend  or make it a retreat and stay at the Centre with continental breakfast and lodging for $675/weekend.  (Arrival friday pm…depart Sunday pm) (bring your horse/hay/water buckets,  we have safe clean overnight pens) 

Weekender classes are run as follows.

Friday evening from 5 to 9pm.   Meet and Greet with a keynote presentation, discussion and visual demonstrations, and of course good snacks and great company.  This class can be open to anyone who wants to dip their toes in the barefoot world…cost to participate only in this part of the clinic is TBA at each clinic offered but generally runs at only $25 for this portion of the clinic only.

Saturday from 9 to 5.   This is Cadaver Day, with live horse demonstration/s.  Explore the trim and tools with a cadaver foot and experience the textures and feel through the hoof with the tools.  Learn what to look for and how to transfer these sensations to the live foot and so much more.  You are learning to see, feel and apply.  

Sunday 9 to 5   This is live horse trimming day.  You can bring a horse or 2 for this day.  Depending on your skill level we can supply more horses or pair you with someone on one horse.  Either way you will have a chance to make some precision trimming on a live horse and see the changes right in front of you.  If you are trimming your own horses you will leave with skills to keep your horses in a good hoof form for much longer between trims and there is an after group on facebook to help and connect with others.

Bring a lunch.  Coffee, tea, water available with snacks.


Untitled 2017  Triminology Weekender Dates

Click on any of the following to enroll.  More are coming so stay tuned… Want to host?  Contact us to find out more.


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