EQ Education

Email consultation? … I get asked often to do these and I am more than happy to do email or webinar format consultations to help those at a distance. Online help available for $150/email and $250/webinar/hour. If you cannot afford it, please tell me why and we will see what we can do. Email

Come and train with Equinextion Live! There is nothing like it. You gain so much by attending an Equinextion Live Event. Experience, friendship, community and support to name a few. Knowledge and hungry for more.

Equinextion is always expanding and broadening our ability to offer different services. Some approved EqAT’s also offer some Equinextion classes in private formats as well as smaller weekend workshops. No matter where you attend, you will find Equinextion Cadaver clinics and courses to be one of a kind (never the same experience) and tailored to the audience/students/participants present that day.

We keep Triminology Weekend Workshops small and personal to allow the most mentor /student contact, and, the best possible environment for practice and perfecting your practice.

Equinextion will show you things that you never dreamed possible and help you make the connection to the inner horse inside of all of us.