The Ultimate Barefoot and Natural Horse Study Guide

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from the Facebook page Tomas G. Teskey Veterinary Insights


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A thorough introduction and exploration in to Barefoot and Natural philosophies in 162 FULL colour pages of absolutely essential information about a horse! Together with illuminating photos and graphics, Make the Connection is your complete Triminology 101 guide. It will show you how to recognize equine health and wellness – from the foundational foot – up! Each time you read it and look at the pictures, your eyes develop and your understanding deepens. Professional/educational barefoot trimmers and naturally minded veterinarians will find this a practical tool to assist clients to a better understanding of the equine foot and it’s functions, and requirements to maintain and enhance health and wellness. It’s not just all about ‘trim’. It’s a balanced look at the natural horse. Everyone will appreciate the uncomplicated (yet deep) and straight forward format. Triminology 101 will guide you through powerful realizations … every barefoot and natural step of the way.

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“The philosophies presented inside remain cognizant of not only the physical requirements for equine health, but gives thought, reference and discussion to required emotional needs of the horse. From this YOU make the decisions for your horse with an outlook from your horses innate perspective. YOU can learn to tap into the powers of mother nature and turn the clock back for your horse! ” Lisa Huhn

You will discover and recognize many common conformational myths and obvious pain stance realities. Once you learn what to look for, through the eyes that you develop with this guide, you see the way things have been and understand where they need to go for the horse. Inside the book you will explore lower limb anatomy and begin to understand how it relates to the entire horse: mind and body and spirit. Foot form and horse keeping practices, along with diet can and will affect training and behaviour. This is THE book to have if you are interested in natural equine and barefoot studies.

Horse keeping practices, diet considerations and trimming comparisons, combine to develop your ‘EQ’ eyes as you begin to understand the connection of the foot to the horse at the essence. You will be armed with new found knowledge and you can make enhancements to your horses instantly.

NOW only $60 for this amazing clinic in a book.

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Learn simple and inexpensive enhancements that you can implement today and gain positive results tomorrow! Learn the truths about physiology of the horses foot and its effect on overall equine health and wellness. You will revel in the beauty of this revolutionary state-of-the-art equine guide. A decade plus of case studies and realizations presented for your education and pleasure.

“When I first got the book in the mail, I was a little concerned because of it’s small stature. Well, once I read the book through like you said to do, reading the titles and pictures first, and then going back for the words, I was hooked. I learned so much and already started making enhancements to my horses life. I also learned a few things about trimming and thank you for the guidance. I’m so happy and my horses are showing greater signs of health from the foot up. As for the small stature of the book, I now love it because it travels easy with me. I bought another so I could lend one out…”


Get this book and join us in 2015 for online book club readings. The book goes much deeper each time you go through it and even more when you hear the stories of the horses and pictures used in the book.

NOW only $60 for this amazing clinic in a book