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EQ Trimmer Courses 2017


Trimmer ONE –   March 6-11, 2017  

                               Trimmer TWO – March 12-17, 2017 

           (BEST VALUE)  Fast TRACK combined immersion course – March 6-17  2017   

   Trimmer THREE EQAT Certification – November 6-11, 2017 

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Course Deposit

The Equinextion Trimmer ONE,  TWO and THREE courses accepts a limited number of applicants to ensure personal and individual attention and supervised skill assessment.  This is a private or semi private full immersion course setting generally consisting  of 2 to 6 people total.  Total tuition of $1975 Canadian plus 5% gst includes accommodations (continental breakfast) at the EQ Awakenings Centre.   You will have semi private accommodations with a private kitchen for cooking and storing all your meals.  We will do a shopping trip once at the beginning of the week and again mid week.

Bring a friend to course and you save 10% on your total. (5% each)  Already been to a full trimmer course and would like to take again??   Take 15% 0ff for your continuing education. (upon space availability)

(Trimmer 3 is open to those already completed Trimmer 2 and/or those who are working in the field as an EqAT or in the training program.  This is a class designed to help you succeed in your business.  We also discuss and deal with pathologies and what it takes for rehabilitation)

Trimmer ONE we study theory, practice maintenance trims and employ cadavers to help us learn.  Dissections are an eye opening, heart wrenching, awareness exercise that helps you to embrace the marvel that is the equine foot.     Through the encouragement and guidance of Lisa you will reach a new heightened level of understanding and comprehension of the horse and the powerful connection their  health and wellness has to do with the shape, health and function of the foot and how all of it is interwoven with nutrition and lifestyle, climate and seasons.

Trimmer ONE is open to everyone … beginners are welcome as you will quickly learn the secrets to handling and trimming.   If you have some experience with the tools, are comfortable cleaning and picking up horses feet and have a strong desire to learn then Trimmer ONE is for you.  Advance your skills in Trimmer ONE

Trimmer TWO is open to anyone who has completed Trimmer ONE or someone who is an intermediate trimmer with some clients under them with room for skill development and advancing physiological and pathological understandings.  Open to those who wish to do more equine rehabilitations and/or take on a bigger client base while moving to full EqAT Certification.

Trimmer THREE is open to anyone who has completed the other courses or for an already established Trimmer in the field who wishes to brush up on rehab procedures above and beyond that of trimming alone and advance their business building skills.  Trimmer 3 is a certification class where you will have some homework (case studies practicum) to complete and a few ‘tests’ on live horses.  Please bring any previous case studies you have to show at Trimmer 3.

After completing each Trimmer course you will then belong to a secret Facebook group for support and to share or ask questions.

FAST TRACK is combined Trimmer ONE and TWO.  This course is for those travelling a distance and or for someone who is already trimming and is comfortable lifting and cleaning feet on several different horses/ponies.  This course is 2 weeks long.  Tuition for this course is $3650 (save $300) and includes accommodations at the EQ Centre with continental breakfast.  

Pick up from the Calgary International Airport and return can be arranged upon request as well.  



This is required for those wishing to gain their certification EqAT.  This practicum is offered to those who successfully completed any Trimmer 2 or above courses.  Designed to support you in your learning and your business.   Tuition is on an accepted basis and full coverage of what is included in the practicum portion is discussed at the appropriate courses.  

We look forward to seeing you this coming year…make 2017 your year!!  




Course Deposit