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EqAT’s: 2012 and beyond

…come in all shapes and sizes, ages and genders, from all over the world. No matter what the level of you current EqAT you can be assured that they all have one thing in common. They LOVE what they do and want nothing but the best for you and your horse. They are here to help and are always striving to improve their craft through a case study approach. Always a student of the horse and want to hear from you.

EqAT’s are understandably at different practice stages of development. Be assured that when you choose any EqAT, they will help you with your horses needs in trimming as well as offer you food for thought with any diet and lifestyle enhancements that may be needed to facilitate true healing and transformation of the horse. ALL EqAT’s have the support of ongoing education and sharing from Equinextion members.

All EqAT’s can help you learn something about your horses feet and you may even want to begin to learn to trim maintenance trims.

EqAT’s – Grad status

Eager and Ready to begin their practice! In continuous study of observation and feedback. Working to submit a minimum of 2 case studies over a 3 month period to continue to hone their craft. Working towards being a registered Apprenticeship.

EqAT – Apprentice status

1-2 years of experience with Equinextion protocols after course. These Apprentice Trimmers are gaining and gathering experience and data and reporting back regularly.

May attend any Equinextion Clinics and courses at a cost level.

May include alumni from 1999-2011 These trimmers are not actively involved with Equinextion and may include a variety of interpretations which does not always represent or coincide with Equinextion philosophies.

EqAT – Junior status

2-5 years experience with Equinextion protocols, showing case studies.

Are qualified to teach you how to trim your own horses and help you to formulate a plan for maintenance on non pathological cases. May help you with pathological cases and have full support doing so.

May attend Equinextion Triminology 101 workshops to learn to do their own workshops and may be offering those now. Equinextion supports those listed in the EQ Event Dates.

EqAT – Senior status

5+ years experience with Equinextion protocols, showing case studies… or graduate of EQ University Internship with Lisa and 1+ years post field experience, showing case studies.

The qualified Senior EqAT’s may offer Weekend Triminology 101 Workshops for trimming and studying Equinextion Protocols.

Are qualified to teach you how to tackle pathologies and more serious cases of neglect and abuse. Reaching further than simply the feet, the Senior EqAT may have rehabilitation programs offered, and offer weekend Triminology 101 Workshops.

By training with a Senior EqAT, you may qualify for Fast Track with grad status.

EqMT – Internship

A thoroughly qualified Equinextion Trimmer showing a minimum of 6 years field experience with case studies presented…or an EQ University Internship grad with a minimum of 2 years post field experience, showing case studies..

These trimmers are more than just trimmers. They are whole horse educators and Mentors and offer you Equinextion Medicinal Trimming Solutions. You may be prepared for Fast Track Course or fly through to Trimmer TWO if you train with your EqMT.

Many offer Triminology Weekend Workshops as well as nominate and prepare you for EqAT grad status. (Exceptions may apply) Check the DATES

…and beyond…

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