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Newsletters... Archived and Spring 2014

It’s been a while since posting. The move to a new facility and a winter of all winters has kept us very busy here. We have had a few courses and retreats at the new Centre and are learning the lay of the land and how to manage this amazing property.

I’ve been looking through years of external hard drives, which can give me a headache, but I also uncovered many things that I would like to continue to share with you over the following months.

Be sure to click on the spring 2014 newsletter and enjoy the following archived article.

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Spring 2014

The following is an article from an archived newsletter in 2010…

xray vision 1


xray vision 2

xray vision 3Want to know more?? Get this very informative guide on your horse and his feet. CLICK HERE

Exciting things ahead

We have been working to bring the world more education. It seems that ‘barefoot’ has officially reached ‘fad’ status. It is quickly populating the web and there are plenty of self proclaimed experts in the field. There are a myriad of ‘methods’ out there and for the beginner or even the intermediate and professional horsemen /women, it can get downright confusing.

EQ has been around helping people learn online since 1999 and in the field years before that. We see a real need to get people to understand what they are looking at…why to do some things and not others…and how everything all ties together. EQ has experience in several different climates, disciplines and amazing stories of recoveries where tradition failed.

We want to share them with you. Some things will be completely FREE and other private webcasts or classes may have entry fees. These fees are necessary to not go broke and your continued support inspires us to deliver more and more great quality content to you.

We thank you all for your continued support over the years and look forward to helping you. We are offering this to our members here first …

Trial sign up form...

Some Musings...

A couple of weeks ago, I had to go to the slaughter house to get some cadaver feet for dissection clinics. Over the past 20 years I have visited many slaughter houses in different provinces and collected, studied, dissected and documented specimens from all over North America.

The overall practice and designs to the plants has somewhat changed over the years. Still progressing to make bigger plants to take bigger amounts of horses. Despite all this ‘progress’… the reasons that the horses end up there in the first place have not changed one bit!

While having to be there anyhow, I generally ‘interview’ the workers, and have over the years. I have learned a lot of things that I didn’t want to know, and seen a lot of things that I didn’t really need to see. This last time I went with a friend (her first time) I warned her about going ‘inside’ if we were invited. Coming from a nursing background she felt confident that she could handle whatever we would see and disassociate it professionally. …OK

So we split up for a bit and asked different workers questions, those that were talking to us. The workers were pleasant and personable. Some were not the sharpest tools in the shed, but who could be working there? They were all smiling and were gracious in their conversations. We were both surprised to see women workers there. I know that sounds like a double standard, but I was just saddened on so many different levels. My soul sunk. I’m not judging them in any way, just the feeling of seeing people covered in horse blood, who are just doing their jobs and trying to make a living, and disassociating on a professional level.

Because we were no threat we were actually taken on a little tour inside the facility. NO cameras or video camera signs were everywhere and I was dying to have a hidden camera, to share, maybe the next time I go. Not to expose the hurtful sites and sounds and to shut down the plants…but to bring awareness to people of what goes on, wether we acknowledge it or not.

A couple of years ago I asked how many horses go through here a day. He said that there was about 250 a day, monday to thursday, but we are in the process of expanding to fill demand. We are raising the quota up to 350 a day and going to go all week. We hope we are able to keep up. This was for meat!j

Since then, the plant has expanded to meet the demand.

And for this time… EQ asks…

How many horses go through here each day? ” We do about 320 -340 a day, monday to friday. A big day we can do about 370″

This is at one plant. There are more.

Where are the horses coming from? “They come from all over. Different shipments from the USA and within Canada and Alberta. The ones you got today are mainly from the US and are meat horses”

Meat horses? “Yes, they are strictly bred for meat. They are raised in stock yards like cows and are fattened up and then shipped here. It’s a growing market”

How old are these horses when they are shipped? “Generally between the ages of 2 and 4 but mostly around 2 years old”

So they have never had their feet trimmed or anything really done to them other than born and raised for meat. “Yes that’s right. They are in stock yards like cows”

What about the other horses coming in? Like these feet with shoes on. That doesn’t come from the meat horse market? “No they are generally someones horse who either was lame or broke a leg, race horses that don’t run good, or some old farm horse that is too old and can’t do the work anymore. Some people just drive up with a trailer and unload their unwanted”

One man told me that his job was to take off the shoes of all who arrived with them on. It was an after death procedure. He was happy to show me how he does it. I asked him if I could take a photo of the bin of shoes. He hesitated for a moment and saw no harm in that. (pic below).

I said, I thought that they were not supposed to be shipped wearing shoes at all in those slippery floored cattle liners. He said they can have front shoes on but not hinds. He said sometimes they get by with hinds on, but generally there are inspectors at different check points.

FB for forum IMG_1891


The FB picture is one I pulled from the web. A barefoot site in Argentina. The caption says… It is estimated that 98% of domestic horses that arrive at the slaughterhouses (and have not been bred for meat) do so for musculoskeletal problems easily preventable if we improve the conditions in which they live.

Same problems everywhere. This much I knew 20 years ago, but It really begs the question. IF shoes are the almighty answer…how and why did they fail all these horses?…

As we stood on grates covering conveyor systems that were taking the internal organs to the trucks, we watched as the organs went by, and skinned skulls with eyes that were alive merely minutes ago … he joked at how when they do the draft horses, they tend to plug up the systems. The plant wasn’t designed for horses he says. ? Wasn’t designed for horses but it’s been a horse processing plant for years and was just upgraded last year?

But your main ‘business’ is horses? “Yes, that’s right. We do have some calls for Bison and Elk but we do mainly horses”

So when the horses are on the kill floor, how are they killed? ” with a bullet, not a bolt like some cow slaughter houses, but a gun”

(I was kind of shocked to hear that and asked if they ever miss, you can guess the results of that answer)

It is always a surreal experience for me each time I have to venture into a place like this. Death and fear fill the air and make it heavy. You can feel it! It’s like an out of body experience, and I go into journalism mode to investigate and try to understand. Trying to understand how to stop it, but it’s not the fault of the plants that are supplying a demand.

Although not a wonderful, happy and serene topic, awareness is important for all horse owners. I’m not sure how many people realize the extent of the numbers of horses slaughtered each and every day all over the world. For meat, and for profit. For human consumption and because of massive over breeding and ‘unwanted’ animals.

Be responsible for your horse when you sell it. Know where it goes. When you buy one, know where it came from.

When I hear about rescues and rescue horses, it is heart warming for sure. But for every one that gets ‘saved’ there are thousands that didn’t, and thousands more than are continually being bred.

Can slaughter be stopped? Should it be? More discussion on EQ Awakenings facebook page. and on the forum inside Post your comments there!


Barefoot getting noticed ... and EQ Trimmer Chaps too!~

Barefoot horses are finally getting noticed! It’s a great thing to see them in a main stream magazine! Read the article above for more info.

While some people are still sticking to the paradigm that ‘some horses need shoes’ to be ridden…that still remains as false today as it was 18 years ago when Equinextion began to speak out over the net.

All that aside…times are a changing and another article came out as well.

During it all…people are noticing the trimmers chaps. Yes they are Equinextion chaps. Made in Canada Quality 4 pocket chaps for all sizes…and in different colors. Here is the pink and purple. Stylin~

298827_10150393480180452_512520451_10043658_2127042494_n IMG_2203

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Please check on immediate availability of the colours as they sell quickly. Just make a post below to inquire.

Happy Trimming!!

Catching up …

It’s feels like a long time since I could write a bit. A lot has happened. There are a few things I wanted to talk about so will try to make a few posts in the next little bit.

Most recently, the first ever EQ Science Pre Trimmer Course went on. This course is offered 2 more times in 2013 so enroll today to ensure a spot. No more than 4 people at once to assure total immersion in a fascinating week of eye opening experiences. There is a tendency towards trimming of course but this course really helps to Make the Connection to the entire being.

EQ Science Immersion

I had the youngest course participant ever. She is 14 years old. She was joined by a worldly 19 year old woman and together they will go on to do wondrous things with horses. One is coming back for Fast Track in May for more training and guided experience. (I secretly hope to persuade her to come as a working student for the year … but that’s another story)

IMG_2068In these pictures it just goes to show how tough western Canadian’s really are. lol This day it was -25 C and on top of that the wind began to blow. After these 2 horses, we have to retire to the inside place available. A pretty small , dimly lit area where pictures didn’t turn out at all. Oh well, We had a good hot shower after. Kudos to the owner for holding her horse despite the intense temperatures!! BRRRrrrrr~

That was about the coldest day. During this week we had several horses to trim and witness being trimmed, but we also talked of much more. Vital signs, Anatomy, diet, exercise, rehabilitation and general practices seen commonly today in ALL disciplines. The goal to develop a little more insight to this gracious being we call horse. We even try to expose students to ‘new age’ ideas such as veganism (through delicious raw chocolate decadent desserts and green smoothies), vegetarianism, self awareness and responsibility in our every day choices. A true Awakenings experience. Seeing the horse through all the glitter … and learning to understand facial expressions and deciphering what other behaviours may be saying. Learning to speak horse … but also learning to listen, for they speak quietly at first and one must learn to pay attention. What are these expressions revealing?? LOOK closely and you will find a lost shoe from all the torque.

IMG_2109 IMG_2110

During the week we also had the opportunity to trim a horse that I had initially done a few trim treatments on, and then sporadically throughout the next 9 months during courses…so with guided student trims was able to not only function again but also made amazing changes in health all on it’s own. Nothing else changed for the horse…just the trim~~!!! All barefoot trims are NOT created equal!



This is a series of pics to show the amazing healing that nature can bring. The thing is though, IF someone was to add nutrients, cleaning and spraying to the feet, added exercises and EQ yoga, with frequent high quality trim treatments, then this process would have easily been cut in HALF or less!!


EQ healing trimming

There were NO other changes other than after every single trim treatment Bo received a very generous amount of Magik Goop and time to absorb…all except the most recent trim because his feet had regained their stratum tectorium and periople function again.

EQ trim solutions

On the final day of EQ Science course, we did a small and thorough study of anatomy of the hoof and the trim to see what results showed immediately and which ‘parts’ needed longer to respond.

IMG_2124 IMG_2127

People always gather and wonder about what we are doing … and why. It really does solidify your understanding of how the foot is working, why we are trimming as we do, where everything belongs inside in relation to where we are trimming. This equine foot is not just a dead toenail on the end of an unfeeling stump. It is organ like!


The above pictures are from before and after student trims. 2 out of 4 of the ‘afters’ were the first time attempts of 2 people. THE first time they trimmed …ever. The fundamentals they had seen by having their horses included in course weeks at times, and also trimmed by me at other times. The now own the Make the Connection Triminology 101 guide and continue to develop an interest in learning to trim their personal horses … over time! Its truly awesome!!


The week ended with much warmer temperatures and two happy fulfilled, albeit tired young women. It’s an honour to share with all of you who come to course weeks and into my life for a spell. I’m sure we will meet again!



Horse Breeders and Owners Conference: A Big Success!

What a great time we had at this years conference. Many thanks to Aimee, Valerie, Sharon and Scott for their assistance, presence and support.

Compared to last year…I feel we went up some notches in recognition. We had many farriers coming in the booth (over several visits) to gain more insight to what Equinextion is all about. Their clients are asking and some that were actually IN farrier courses said that their curriculum was NOT covering anything about it.

The Horses’ All paper asked to do a profile on Equinextion and also a 3 part article series.

This is the inception of our little humble booth at the annual Alberta Horse Owners and Breeders Conference.

These are EQ Connection Agents Aimee, Valerie and Sharon helping set up our booth. We kept it simple and inviting and welcomed people to come in and view the running slide shows, or show them some of the videos that Equinextion has on Youtube.

EQ Connection Agents at the booth in Red Deer.  Alberta Horse Breeders/Owners Conference

EQ Connection Agents at the booth in Red Deer. Alberta Horse Breeders/Owners Conference


There was a lot of interest in the slide show presentation on the computer screen. I was asked by some university lecturers ‘where can I get this presentation? This is excellent” Well it is 15 years of my life experience with Equinextion in the form of a book. It’s called Make the Connection, Triminology 101

There are many people scattered around the globe now who have this little treasure of a book with them. Some comments I am getting back are “I love this book, I bought another to lend out because I don’t want to lose mine!” “I am on my third time through and I can’t believe how my EQ eyes are developing” “Thank you for this guide, it is truly an inspiration and so full of insight. I just want to say to people, don’t let the size fool you! It’s a BIG book!”

Because of all this support and love being shown, we are extending the Season Special Price right up to the end of January 2013.

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Meet Nettie Barr (Canadian Natural Horsemanship) and Mandy Blais (Natural Alternative Grazers: N.A.G. Bags) These were fellow supporters of the conference and owners of the MTC book. Equinextion would like to thank them for their continued support.

Mandy Blais from NAG BAGS holding a copy of MTC Triminology 101

Mandy Blais from NAG BAGS holding a copy of MTC Triminology 101

Nettie Barr of Canadian Natural Horsemanship Inc posing on the hoof stand with a copy of MTC Triminology 101 Field Study Guide.

Nettie Barr of Canadian Natural Horsemanship Inc posing on the hoof stand with a copy of MTC Triminology 101 Field Study Guide.


This weekend was packed with excitement. We also have a new graduate EqAT in the world. We welcomed Scott Keir to our Equinextion Team of Professional Trim Therapists.

Scott KeirScott Keir EqAT proudly holding his EqAT certificate.


The main reason that I personally went ahead and supported this conference again is because Temple Grandin was a speaker. My main goal was to meet her and gift her an MTC book. Mission Accomplished. She was gracious and inspiring to say the least. I don’t normally share pictures of myself but in this special case i will have to. I normally am behind the camera and stay there but this was worthy of overcoming fear for a moment in time.

Temple Grandin and Lisa Huhn.  This is a woman who sees in pictures and has a deep rooted love and understanding of animal behaviours.  I/we at Equinextion hope that Temple will enjoy this book with all the pictures and see the message that the pictures hold.

Temple Grandin and Lisa Huhn. This is a woman who sees in pictures and has a deep rooted love and understanding of animal behaviours. I/we at Equinextion hope that Temple will enjoy this book with all the pictures and see the message that the pictures hold.


This is going to be a great year for Equinextion. I can feel it! It is coming together as more and more people are Making the connection to the natural horse.

It’s not just about ‘barefoot’ …there is so much more to horses Naturally speaking to understand and implement changes in training, handling , housing, and trimming…

Hold on 2013…here we come!


Happy New Year

2013. Wow it’s hard to believe. I remember being in grade school fantasizing about the year 2000 and how futuristic that would be! LOL I have aged myself…
So onwards to the new year.
This year I plan to speak UP and OUT in the way I did 15 years ago. At that time, I was ostracized and shunned, I had petitions signed against me and I took hundreds and hundreds of photos years before the digital camera or cell phone. It seems like a lifetime ago but yet so similar to the present day thoughts that are still very rampant.

Yes there has been a massive shift towards ‘barefoot’ … but the waters are muddy and diluted and all over the place with a myriad of different opinions and ‘methods’ and organizations. Many people have ‘seen the light’ and after only ONE weekend clinic they hang their sign as a professional barefoot trimmer and profess to have the answers.

BEWARE!! is all I can say. Make sure you get the best in education and have a certified trimmer who can show you case studies etc.

Equinextion is not a ‘method’. We teach you to SEE with Xray vision … with EqEyes. We guide you through the learning process, however long that may take, is up to the individual. We all learn at different rates and have different responsibilities in life that take up our time and attention as well.
Check dates for courses and workshops on the site…and keep watching.

I hope to see you this year. I know there will be more EqAT’s coming this year too so watch for them.
Heading to Red Deer Alberta today so later….

Christmas Season is Upon us…

christmashorsesWhat are you doing for the holidays??

What are your dreams and goals of the new year ahead. My motto is … living the dream in 2013

Don’t get me wrong, I have been living my dream for many years. Most of my adult life I have had the extreme pleasure of working with horses. It started for me as a young person afflicted heavily with the EQ disease. I wanted ‘horse’ in my life since I can remember. I wanted to know them. I looked at them like they were ‘land dolphins’. Mystical, magical and misunderstood by most. I wanted to really know them, to be able to learn about them, all I could dream of. I was obsessed. Riding, Training, Showing, Teaching, Coaching, Judging.

And then I looked down… and I couldn’t look up again for 15 years!

Until now…

With the release of Make the Connection and along with the many people who have…I feel so blessed not to feel so alone anymore and to have touched so many horses and owners to make positive changes. A blessing for sure!
This little book, I offer you, is 15 years of my life experience looking down.

During my extensive research, I fought to be heard, I was ostracized and threatened…(and deeply befriended). I learned that there were very few people out there (read rare) (including veterinarians, and professional farriers, millionaires, and billionaires) that knew much if anything about their horses feet! What they thought (think) they knew (know)…is(are) simply myths. Passed down for so many thousands of years that they became ‘fact’. But not true non the less.

When you read and study Triminology 101 …you will know MORE than the vast majority of horse owners, most veterinarians and practically every farrier on the connection between the foot shape, function, health, wellness and emotional stability. It’s just that big of a little book…with a growing depth of understanding weaved in to it.

Here it is…for a limited time. Its time to Make the Connection~


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Website Development

The new Equinextion website is a neophyte at the moment and continuing to develop (as I get more used to being the ‘developer’). I am excited about the vision I have.

A storefront of Equinextion products, Equinextion approved products and some used items will be up soon enough.

We are going to have a members only side to the forum and can go even deeper in development to include Skype conference and webinar meetings. This is going to be able to help people in their continuing education if one can’t travel to courses.

We have a new calendar which will be full of EQ dates for 2013.

Equinextion will formally introduce new products in 2013, Magik Dust, VooDoo Dust, and Magik Goop healing oils to start. These products are all natural products which have been field tested and show results! Like nothing out there today. Stay tuned…