Great Local Workshop

We just finished an awesome local workshop with many local people who are beginning their journey to getting the metal braces off the bottom of their horses feet. They are awakening to the truth of the horse and taking responsibility for their animals.

I was happy to welcome all these Connection Agents with me for the task of teaching and showing and demonstrating that anyone can learn to do this for yourself…especially in a maintenance format.

Medicine Hat Alberta Weekend Workshop

Exciting news. Local clinic coming soon. Its really great news and hope to see many people and their horses there.

The final 2012 Fast Track is under way...more in 2013

Valerie Papworth of Alberta is well on her way to grad status EqAT.

In February of 2012, she attended the Trimmer ONE course in Medicine Hat AB. From there she went to practice and hone her skills on her own horses and then friends started asking for her to trim theirs. Seeing the results, she was asked by more people.

She is making a new career out of trimming for others and is now attending the FAST TRACK course here in Medicine Hat AB and doing great. She is presently compiling her case studies and is taking on more horses.

We welcome Valerie as a member of the Equinextion team and if you are looking for a trimmer in that area of Southern Alberta, give her a call as she is presently taking new customers.



Introducing another Connection Agent

Welcome on board to Sharon Leney who just completed the Fast Track Course in Medicine Hat AB. In this course we had the honor of taking in 2 rehab cases. Both were very very sore on arrival and the recovery that happens always leaves me humbled. j

Welcome Sharon…well on your way to EqAT status.

Awesome Triminology Weekend Workshop in Saskatchewan

We had a great thanksgiving weekend workshop in Saskatchewan (near Saskatoon). This was the first clinic that there were more men that women! That is awesome to see! We had a diverse group with a practicing farrier (who did not shoe already and was trimming for bare soundness)…right up to absolute newbies. I’m thinking this person will soon be an EqAT.

We met a few different horses that had some ‘problems’ with cracking and splitting feet, complete with abscessing etc. Some horses were seen at the university vet hospital and were ‘treated’ with shoes and pads at one point in their lives…to no avail. Well the overgrowth of the bars and the ill shape to their feet they didn’t stand a chance to heal no matter what apparatus was nailed or glued on. One horse stood with a foot pointed for the entire last year and could not find relief…right up until she was trimmed with us this weekend. It was amazing and she stood square for the first time that her owners remember. She even allowed us to trim the opposite foot holding up with patience and a great try as she could really feel what we were doing on all the other feet. Never ceases to amaze me and humbling experience as usual!

I think I will be heading back to saskatchewan in the near future. It was also interesting because I spent the entire weekend with NO cell service, no connection to the ‘outside’ world. The majority of the people at this workshop also did not have regular access to the internet. Interesting!


Equinextion Triminology Weekend Workshop this weekend … near Saskatoon in Vanscoy SK.

Looking at a handful of people who want to Make the Connection and among them a young schooled farrier. We welcome that with arms wide open!!

Going to try to post some more to get to know how to use this spot… bear with me….

Equinextion Trimmers Getting Noticed

More and more EqAT’s are getting noticed! Why?? Simple. They know their stuff and are making so many positive amazing changes in horses and their humans.

The world needs more EqAT’s and if you are looking for a career change or enhancement…come to Equinextion and see through Eq eyes.

Welcome to new Equinextion Connection Agents

INtroduced 2 new Equinextion Connection Agents to the team today. What a great honour! Together we can truly shift global consciousness on behalf of the horse and using the EQ philosophy.

Every day is a new day.

Always amazed at how little people really seem to know about their horses feet. They are all able to spout off what they have heard others say in the past…but not able to fully comprehend what they are saying.

Fast Track Trimmer Course

Fast Track is going great this month. Lots of new horses and donkeys are Making the Connection to Equinextion.