Lecture Series

Develop your ‘Eq’ Eyes …

Or just open your Eq Eyes. They are already there and when you really start to assimilate and incorporate the EQ system mindset, it quickly becomes so clear and ‘common sense’ that’s it hard to believe that we missed the obvious. Join us on the forum for more discussions and sharing of material.

This was my first attempt at ‘making a movie’. It was always in my thoughts but I am overwhelmed with so much material and more piling each day. I am a self confessed picture and video hoarder! I know I can’t be alone out there? The perfectionist inside of me screamed “is that MY voice??” every time I watch them. It wasn’t until I started to share them during course weeks that people really told me how much they appreciated seeing these things…complete with human fallacies. They expressed that they were touched and learned something each time they reviewed it with different eyes. They really do develop! Your Eq Eyes!

In this little series, I was speaking to vet students. They were very polite and studious and they were soaking up this information. The faculty, however, was less than welcoming. My take on that was they felt it went too much against their teachings. That will be a hard pill for conventional wisdom to swallow.



As we move to part 2, I am getting a little more interested in adding new pictures in strategic places… still practicing. Not enough time in the day. I wish I could just direct video productions, instead of trying to figure them out on a finite level.


This is as far as I got on this particular lecture. It gets more detailed as we delve further into it. After part 3 there is still over 2.5 hours of footage to go through. Not sure if I can get to it…or better yet. Just come out and hear for yourself. Webinars are looking promising for 2013.


…and so we move on….

You Tube Videos seem like a good thing. I made a few over the years and you can check them all out at the Equinextion Youtube Channel but here is my all time favorite to date. I love the words. Not those written on the screen, but those played in the song. The entire choreography has meaning to me. I spent countless hours on it…and the time flew by.

I thought of a video like this the moment I heard this song! Jack was the horse in the video, but towards the end there are a few more horses who all could have made the exact same video. What do you want from me? They even scream it at times, and no one understands. Well now a few more do and hopefully a whole bunch more soon.