Vintage Equinextion

Equinextion and Lisa Huhn began to educate on the natural horse and the powers of barefoot on the internet in 1996. Lisa was involved in many forums at that time and tried hard to spread the word of the barefoot horse and it’s amazing capacities for rejuvenation and recovery from ‘dis-ease’ thought to be incurable.

The following are some articles that were simply copied and pasted from the (now dormant) web pages of those beginning internet years. The pictures are all from the Equinextion files from back in the day 🙂 and taken with the first digital camera on the market. A sony mavica with a floppy disc insert! What a great tool a camera is…


EquinextionThe Natural Horse

The Natural Foot

Anatomy of the Foot

Transition to Performance Barefoot

Transition and Recovery Photos

More articles from EQ and others…